Terms and Conditions
All plays and sketches on this website are offered completely free of charge. You can download them and perform them without the need for a licence. You can alter them without permission. All that we ask is that you acknowledge David Muncaster as the author and that you do not sell or sublicense the plays. Most plays include a link to Lulu where you can purchase a bound copy of the script if you wish. There is no obligation to do this.

Almost all of David Muncaster's work is included in this website. The exceptions are two anthologies of script reviews that originally appeared in Amateur Stage Magazine and the play The Kennel Club which is available through the YouthPLAYS website.

Some works are also available on third part websites such as Amazon. If obtaining a script from a third part website there may be a charge, however there is still no requirement for a performance licence. 
All plays and sketches on this website are royalty free and in the public domain.

Royalty Free, Public Domain Plays for
Professional, Amatuer and Educational Use